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Websites are by far the best way to advertise your aboriginal tourism business. I like to state that they are the modern form of smoke signals to let all know what you are doing and what product (s) you are willing to share with the world. I must warn you that they can be expensive, but usually you get the best value for what you spend. This being said, it’s best that you know exactly what you are getting in so far as a website.

You can cheap out and get the friend of a cousin who knows someone who has a friend that they know who took a coarse in web design a few years ago, and they can build you a website fairly cheap. Well you will be getting something next to being worthless when it comes to a website. Bar none you best work with someone who knows what they are doing.

I have spent thousands of dollars learning the wrong way about websites, before I would find someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Let us assume that your website is a sign advertising your business, and you locate it way out in your traditional territories where only the animals see it. It may be painted in such a way that it’s very appealing and informative, but if no one sees it, it is useless as an advertising tool.

If your website looks awesome and is very informative, but it has no optimization, then it’s worthless. Let us use canoe tours as an example. If your company operations is taking people out canoeing, but when someone searches canoe tours Canada or canoe tours (your province/territory), and your website comes up on page 32 of the search engine, then your website is not being seen.

First or second page on a search engine such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo is where you want to come up with the search criteria I used as an example. What you will need to do when speaking with a web designer, is ask how shall the optimization of your website be addressed? This is why I must emphasis that you work with a web designer that knows what they are doing.

On the right of this page I have recruited web designers that I know are great at building websites and making sure they are well optimized. They are also very good at adding applications and tools to your website that shall enable you to track who is coming to your site and also showing other information that shall enable you to create a very powerful website for your company and/or operations.

I highly recommend that you research these website specialists and see how many First Nations company’s/individuals they have helped out. If you are a Band or aboriginal organization you shall definitely want to research these company’s, for there are far too may website developers that know nothing about the dynamics of being aboriginal, so the websites they often create lack much of the information that defines/separates us as aboriginals from the competition.

If you are an aboriginal, there are numerous funding sources for you to access to create a website and develop other advertising systems for your operations, or build upon your existing systems. If you go to the consulting banner on which is the sister website of you shall find all the information you need for accessing the funding sources. You can also email at or phone me at 250-203-1338, and I will be happy to assist you with finding funding to develop your website or better an existing one.

One last note, is by all means retain your traditional identity in so far as being aboriginal, but think about those non-natives that may enjoy your product/service, and now they want to pass on the information about who they went with or purchased from. Your name and web address better be easy to pronounce, remember, and spell! Leave all that phonetic alphabet and upside down letters for the linguists. Please, please keep your name and web address simple, otherwise you will be one of the many unfortunate aboriginals' that come to me and other consultants and ask why their ventures are not having the traffic they expected when they started out to be an aboriginal entrepreneur.

Think about how aboriginal and adventure ensures my operations are easy to remember, are all encompassing to what and who I am as an aboriginal operator, but double A gives me the competitive edge of being first on all index’s that are alphabetically laid out. Makes you go hummmmmmm.