Longliner Seafoods located at Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver British Columbia has been supplying visitors and locals fresh seafood for many decades. Easy to find and carrying a vast range of seafood products, this is a must see place, if seafood is something you want during your visit to Vancouver. Smoked salmon, canned seafood and a vast range of other fresh seafood is available year round.

The Moorehead family led by Jim has had a relationship with the Sewid family going back many decades. Jim crewed and captained boats operated by this First Nations family. He also owned his own vessels and went as far away as Alaska in pursuit of halibut years ago. He was one of the first commercial fisherman to make the jump from deck of boat to operating his own fresh seafood outlet supplying people what he caught for many years.

Many that come to coastal British Columbia not only want to sample the seafood we are Internationally known for, but also want to be able to bring some home to enjoy. Longliner Seafood's offers one prepared smoked salmon and other products that can be transported on airplane or shipped world wide. If you want to purchase fresh seafood to enjoy or purchase the best seafood to share with family or friends, then a stop at Granville Island to meet the boys at Longliner Seafood’s is definitely a place one will want to go to. This family enterprise not only sells seafood, they know it well, for they too have been fishers.
Jim Moorehead If you happen to see Jim Moorehead at Longliner Seafood’s don’t forget as a commercial fisherman he has journeyed throughout the entire coast. If you have any questions about seafood or places for one to catch a certain type of fish, know that Jim is a wealth of information and he has passed this knowledge on to his family that operate the store he created. Bar none though, Jim and the boys ensure that the products they sell are the best seafood that one can enjoy. Don’t forget they have been helping people ship British Columbia seafood products all over the world for decades.


PHONE: 604-681-9016


1689 Johnston St. Vancouver B.C. V6H-3R9

Located at Vancouver Granville Island Public Market