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Modern Style Elevator

Many people ask me when developing their projects who I recommend or know that supplies elevators? Due to this, I have gone out and recruited for you when using this website, elevator companies that offer their service in Canada.

I presumed that most companies were making large elevators for tall buildings. I was soon to learn that there’s a company for every need and purpose. This being construction, tall buildings, ships and even for one’s personal needs at home.

Modern Style Elevator

By chance one day, I met Kevin Simmons who was traveling to Canada to speak about his companies production of a very unique elevator. His company based in Colorado is called Visilift and they produce a glass elevator. One of their main products is a home model.

Right away I saw the need for more people to know about this product. Seeing as it’s affordable, I feel many people should know that instead of having to sell a home due to losing mobility, they can have a Visilift elevator installed in their home. They are made large enough for wheelchair accessibility.

These elevators can be incorporated easily into the design of any home. So instead of selling ones’ home they can have a Visilift installed.

Modern Style Elevator

If you’re a First Nation developing a tourism operation, it’s a good idea to incorporate an elevator into the construction. If you already have an existing operation and you require an elevator for your operations, one only has to click the banners or blue highlighted names of the companies I have recruited for your elevator needs.

Having an elevator in your lodge will allow you to draw in more clientele that want to experience your adventures. Seeing as more and more of we First Nations are entering the eco-tourism industry, it makes good business sense to draw in a vast range of clientele.

Developers working for we First Nations may want to incorporate the Visilift elevator into the homes that your building or renovating? Seeing as they can be conformed into most existing homes, they allow the people requiring lift systems the opportunity to continue utilizing their home instead of having a single level home made for their needs. I am presently seeing if there’s any funding through our health organizations to see if First Nations can off-set the costs of an iin-home elevator.