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Native Captain Tom I have been active in eco-cultural tourism for over twenty years on the coast of British Columbia, Canada.  During this time I have learned a great deal about how aboriginals should go about starting a business.  Now I am at a point in my life’s path, where I am helping my fellow First Nations prosper as I have.  You will find no other consulting firm that can compare to what I can share with you in regards to starting your own business venture.

I have learned that the greatest way to achieve success in starting your own company is not how big of a grant you can get. It’s the basic business sense of having the tenacious attitude of developing a product that you can deliver at a professional level. When you see that it’s well received by the people that want or need what you have, then you will know it’s worth further development. Taking the time to see that it’s a worthwhile endeavor, you will have found out that you have learned the fundamentals of operating a business. Best of all, you will find that your bank account has enough money to amount to the financial obligation that one needs to qualify for a grant.

Then, and only then is it time to pursue funding via a lending institution such as a bank, coupled with a grant from a lending organization, or government body. If you have to rely upon a grant to start a business venture, then maybe you should look at a different career? Grants are not crutches to support you. They are spring boards for the true aboriginal entrepreneur to develop upon something they know can be more successful.

R&D is more than just an acronym. It’s the fine line that separates the true entrepreneur from someone that is more than likely going to fail in their business venture. I cannot emphasize enough that you best do your “recon”, homework and planning before taking on a grant. The financial responsibility is immense, and if you go in hap-hazard, the ramifications of failure shall haunt you for a lifetime.

By the way, if your taxes are not up to date for the last three years, you walked away from a financial responsibility years prior, your credit rating has more holes in it than Swiss cheese, you best not even bother with a grant application. I’m not saying to give up. I am saying get off your butt and get your slate cleared up and back in order so that you can be looked at with credibility.

Village Island Tours - Water Taxi

I know this well, for I once was bankrupt and would do exactly this – to get funded by Aboriginal Business Canada for a grant for a new 32 foot 12-passenger water taxi tour boat. This was only after I did exactly as I have outlined. So yes, it can be done. The true aboriginal entrepreneur never dreams, for they realize dreams don’t come true – only visions and goals do.

My business career has allowed me to be part of numerous aboriginal organizations, such as Aboriginal Tourism British Columbia and Aboriginal Tourism Canada. I have also assisted Bands with acquiring funding or building their business ventures. This means that I have experience to assist with Bands and aboriginal organizations for business development.

Yes my main area of expertise seems to be boats, but I am only showcasing them because I have learned that for First Nations, it’s one of the most lucrative business ventures to get into. Seeing as the Governments and courts are giving us more control over our traditional territories, it stands to reason that we should be the ones that are doing the passenger and cargo transport. Factor in that tourists want us as their tour guides and industry within our traditional territories want to have aboriginal participation in their operations, it increases the reasoning for us to invest in boats.

EagleCraft Landing Craft Lifetimer Landing Craft

All my life I have been around boats, and I even worked my way up from rowing a wooden skiff for my grandfather during summer salmon seasons out seine fish-ing, to the bridge of seine boats, as cap-tain. In 2003 Lifetimer Boats built me a 32’ water taxi eco tour vessel, and in 2008 - 2009 I was salesman for Daigle Welding & Marine Ltd. Selling EagleCraft aluminum boats.

I am assisting many First Nation individuals and Bands about their possible entry into operating boats for transport, eco-tourism, sport fishing, com-mercial fishing, and water taxi needs. Bar none, if you plan on getting into this line of business you will not find a better consultant than Aboriginal Ad-ventures Canada. Not only can I find you the right boat, but I can develop a business plan that shall make your operations successful right from the get-go.

I have also operated companies focused on grounds keeping, cedar shake block harvesting, British Columbia’s only floating First Nations art gallery, value added seafood sales, interpretive First Nations tours, sea kayaking company, bear viewing, whale watching, water taxi, and a marina. Right now I also do First Nations consulting for web site blueprinting, web site creation, and can help develop your marketing strategies.

During the time I was the Vancouver Island North Director for Aboriginal Tourism British Columbia and then its chairman, we developed the strategic plan for our organization. I learned much about the dynamics of knowing what the visitors to our lands want or expect, and the marketing.

One of the areas I have learned well is how to work with industry within your respected traditional territory, so that you can either network with them, or have them support your business ventures in many different ways. This also entails how to cooperate with them, so that you may also receive a financial contribution to offset costs for you business development.

Through the years I have learned that being an aboriginal entrepreneur, means that you are always doing something. To achieve success with our ventures we must break away from the stereotypical portraits that some people paint of our People. One way to explain this is to state, “Indian-Time don’t work in business development.”

Yes it’s a harsh analogy, but be that as it may, it’s the truth. There is no procrastination, so if you are planning on a venture for the summer tourism season, you best get the wheels spinning now for what ever needs to be done. If you wake up July 1st and say, “I am off to start my summer tour-ism business.”

You are B.S.en! The ones that are going to be operating, are the ones doing, not saying in the winter/spring, so that their business venture is operational as the first visitors show up. You really have to understand this, for booking agents want products a minimum of a year before they are going to book them. One of the many things that I will teach you, if you so decide to have Aboriginal Adventures Canada assist you with your business development.

Glalis means Finning Whale One of the things I am continually perfecting is the aboriginal advantage that is created by the incorporation of our culture and heritage into our business ventures. This is something I have known for years, and have always generated a market niche that has allowed my operations to stay well ahead of the competition. This is what makes A.A.C. a unique, yet valuable consulting operation, for we have experience out in the trenches of business development and operations. I may not have letters behind my name stating a degree, but I do have a Masters of aboriginal entrepreneurism backed up with years of experience generating profits and professionally delivering products to many.

I am continually recruiting leaders in the field of business development. If you should so require, I will forward you the resumes of the ones that I presently have aboard my team, to assist with your business development. We are available to travel anywhere throughout Canada, and it’s highly recommended that I come out to recon your area of operations, so that we can construct an in-depth business plan for your operations. Please don’t hesitate to contact our operations for an interview.

Areas to help you create a business or better an existing one:

  • Identify product or service to be created

  • Develop business plan/grant application

  • Develop web site and highly optimize for better product recognition

  • Create templates for marketing material

  • Create productive marketing campaign

  • Incorporate aboriginal cultural component with authenticity & integrity

  • Develop the aboriginal advantage for your operations

  • Train staff on professional delivery of aboriginal cultural component

  • Develop networking strategy towards industry within your traditional territories that shall better your peoples socio-economic & cultural growth

  • Identify funding initiatives for business development

  • Everything based on your budget and expectations

  • Get you to join the Aboriginal Adventures Canada web site to in-crease your products exposure to the world, instead of being lost within the quagmire of all the non-native companies operating within the same field as your operations.

  • Note:

    You will note that there are banners with direct links to numerous websites that pertain to aboriginal entrepreneurial growth and prosperity. Please do take the time to research these companies that have chosen to come aboard for they can assist you with your pursuits in many fields.

    To the ones that have ambitions to conduct business ventures with boats or expand your existing boat operations, you shall find that I have recruited the best aluminum boat manufacturing companies Canada has to offer. This is so you get a good steer right from the start.

    Do keep in mind that most lending institutions require up to three quotes for what you plan on creating. I have added a boat hauling company so that your proposal is complete at a 100% level. It also allows all to know the best boat hauling company on Vancouver Island that services all of Canada.

    I am a consultant, but I have also recruited other consulting companies, so that one gets to have professionals from many diverse fields and expertise to ensure your business ventures succeed. If you cannot find what you require, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I shall help to find the operation, company or individual that can assist you.