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So you have decided that getting a boat built by a British Columbia aluminum or fiberglass manufacturing company is the best way to go for a business venture or a pleasure craft purchase? Seeing as you may live somewhere else in Canada does not really make that much of a difference Now a days, boat hauling companies are prepared to move fairly large boats anywhere there is a road system, and they work with all suppliers of boats throughout the province.

Aboriginal Adventures Canada has been working with boat hauling companies for quite sometime, so the information you need for a land transport, is just a click away. Bowline Boat Moving is a modern dependable company that I work with, and his banner links through to all the information you need. He is a professional with years of experience, and is prepared to answer any questions you may have about a move.

If you are working with one of the funding institutions to acquire a boat, you will need three proposals for all parts of the venture. This also means getting at least three quotes for the move of the boat to the region of your operations. Seeing as British Columbia is where I operate, and for years I have known of many boat hauling companies, it makes sense to first work with the companies I have listed.

Instead of me speculating on measurements, permits, and prices, I leave it up to the each independent operator to deal with all this. I can though, find out companies that are based on our coast with barges and other vessels that can deliver boats anywhere in the world. This makes sense for the aboriginals that may need larger vessels in the McKenzie River system including Great Slave Lake.

If you should require my services to go and look at a new or used boat throughout coastal British Columbia, feel free to contact me to discuss the services I can supply. I have been a commercial fisherman most of my life, and I am very familiar with 12 passenger crew boats, seeing as I used to own a 32’ Lifetimer, and I am presently commanding EagleCraft 12 passenger boats in the eco-tourism industry based off eastern Vancouver Island. If I cannot supply the service you require, I will be glad to pass on information about others that can fulfill your needs.

To see more of the boat brokers and boat builders I recommend, please check out my “Consulting” & “Boat Builders” pages off this website. Years of working with boats and conducting aboriginal business ventures, I felt the time had come that we have a one shop website for the tourists coming to our traditional territories wanting our products, and for the sharing of information with fellow aboriginals to prosper with business ventures, as many already are. If you have any information that others should know about, or you would like to join this website, please don’t hesitate to .

Halla Kas La (Go In Peace)