Fish On! In 1990 Kevin Bouchard would begin to build fiberglass boats designed for sport fishing and pleasure cruising in comfort. The small city of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada was the perfect site to do this, for the region is considered a boating paradise and a sport fishing Mecca. Many flock to the area for the Tyee and other salmon fishing that is always considered paramount on the coast during the summer season.

Outboard example Word would quickly spread that the KDM Boatworks Fiber Pro line of boats were perfect for sport fishing. Seeing as a 60 H.P. outboard made the 17’ tiller model really perform, many locals sought this type of boat. The 17’ Scorpion was an ideal boat for fishing, but its’ great performance in choppy seas, light or heavily loaded is what drew all the attention. Many had found that this design was exactly what was needed, and finally a boat builder was listening to the people that wanted boats, instead of designing a boat that only looked good.

There are numerous fiberglass boats, but if one is seeking a true seaworthy vessel, then you shall want to contact KDM Boatworks. Sport fishing resorts throughout coastal British Columbia even use Fibre Pro boats as the main stay of their fleets. Weigh West Resort located on the open west coast of Vancouver Island is a testament to how well these open boats perform.

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Tom Sewid - Guide“I would use a Fibre Pro 17” Tiller model as a hunting transport vessel for many years, and having worked on the waters of coastal British Columbia all my life, and I can honestly state that bar-none it’s the best fiberglass boat built to date. It can handle great loads and still perform well. I found that the 17’ Scorpion model handled better than any other boat I have operated in the same class when the wind was up and the waters were rough. So well in fact, that my lit cigarette never got wet enough to go out.”

Tom Sewid - Hunting, fishing, & eco-tour guide

KDM Boatworks offers a 17’ tiller model and a 17’ center console boat. One can have a fiberglass engine pod or standard transom model. There are numerous features and options that can be incorporated into your boat.

Fibre Pro engine pods offer one to have a boat that is 30% faster, 30% faster on step, and motor shall use 30% less fuel. Best of all in following seas the pod helps lift the boat, so there is no fear of having a wet motor.

The hulls are all 5 ply, keels 7 ply and the sides are 3 ply hand laid with no use of chopper guns. This durable construction coupled with no wood used in the boat shall allow one to enjoy decades of dependable use with their Fibre Pro boat.

Over 100 boats have been built to date, and each one is custom to suit the needs or use of the client. To find out more about Fibre Pro boats contact Kevin or Mike Bouchard.

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