Large Boat in Tow A boat moving company with new modern vehicles and trailers is based out of Campbell River Vancouver Is-land, British Columbia. James Revoy is ready to haul your boat anywhere throughout Canada. This allows one to take advantage of the great boat building operations in British Columbia, and have your boat delivered right to where you want, or need it.

Freightliner Truck His Freightliner single-axel truck with new top of the line hydraulic trailer can handle boats up to 52’ long and up to 22 tons. Width and height is all dependent upon permits for roads and highways. James is al-ways ready to consult with you on your move, as well as constructing an in-depth proposal. Fully insured, and having over 25 years experience driving trucks, Bowline Boat Moving Ltd. makes your boat move safe, easy, and stress free.

In a world where you many find your holiday being cut short, having your boat brought by land to a place where you can boat from, now allows you to experience areas that would generally take more time to journey to. Why leave your boat in the water building up growth during the off season, when you can have it brought to a secure land storage area. Then there is the added costs incurred from electrolysis, moorage and damage from storms, not to mention the worry of having your boat in water during the winter.

Sailboat Haul The hydraulic bed support system on the trailer, with wireless remote allows James to ensure your boat is supported securely with no threat of damage. Not having to worry about cradles for sailboat hauls, means less trouble and less time of loading or offloading. All this mobility and ease now allows one to have their sailboat brought to areas where they may not thought of sailing at. Think of how nice it would be to explore the west coast without having to journey through open waters to get there? Then there is the possibility of bringing your boat to freshwater systems to experience something new.

If you need a long or short move for your boat, then don’t hesitate to contact Bowline Boat Moving Ltd. to find out all that you shall need to know to help make up your mind. If you are an aboriginal developing a proposal for an economic development corporation, don’t forget to contact James for your in-depth proposal on costs. If you are concerned whether or not your boat can be moved, then call to find out for sure.

Bowline Boat Moving Ltd.