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Aboriginal Ec-DevCanada.com came about while I was creating an aboriginal tourism website called www.AboriginalAdventuresCanada.com (AAC). The main purpose of the website was to promote the tourism products that we deliver to clients wanting to come to Canada to experience regional draws with the aboriginal cultural component. My ambition was to eventually showcase other aboriginals throughout the country that are doing the same as I.

Due to the fact that Aboriginal Adventures Canada (AAC) is the number one search criteria someone will type into a search engine when looking for the aboriginal cultural component attached to a tourism product, service or experience in Canada, I was approached by numerous companies asking to have links off the First Nations tourism website. By having the vision of it’s better to show perspective clients that we as tourism operators are eager to show the world that we cooperate and that we are offering perspective clients the ability to shop around with AAC, it only made sense to allow others to have hyperlinks via banners off the pages throughout the website.

The double A allows Aboriginal Adventures Canada to be found on the first quarter of all alphabetcal listed index’s and scrolls that it’s listed on. By being a member of Aboriginal Tourism Associaton Britsh Columbia www.aboriginalbc.ca the website is showcased first on the new 2011-12 color brochure, as well as found throughout our Provincial aboriginal tourism associatons website.

Peggy hard at workThanks to a web designer and life partner who is very experienced in the dynamics of websites, www.Aboriginal AdventuresCanada.com contnually generates great optmizaton on the Internet. Adding my experience in the aboriginal tourism industry for almost 30 years coupled with years of Internet experience developing tourism based websites,we make a very good team. Due to numerous other companies coming aboard the website constantly, website optmizaton grows continually. In a few shorts years www.AboriginalAdventuresCanada.com has become a very well accessed website for people wantng a diverse array of tourism experiences, services and products.

One day I had a good review of all the pages that we had added to the tourism website and saw that numerous companies that only supplied a product or service for aboriginal tourism business development had come aboard to gain greater recogniton for their products. I saw that www.AboriginalAdventuresCanada.com was losing the focus of being a tourism based website.

In-turn we created www.aboriginalec-devcanada.com which stands for aboriginal economic development in Canada. All business banners that were not directly delivering a tourism product or service were moved over to this new website. Now the two websites work in conjuncton with each other. As I say to my fellow aboriginals;

“Your ambition is to one day see your company's website on www.aboriginaladventurescanada.com, but first you have to use the aboriginal tool box of www.aboriginalec-devcanada.com to build that company.”

Captain's Uniform Aboriginal Ec-Dev Canada is a website where I have been the Indian Guide for my fellow aboriginals and I have gone forth pounding the pavement or Internet to recruit companies that assist us with our business development. You will see numerous pages where on the right hand banners that are hyperlinks to websites of companies that supply support, service or products that is needed for aboriginal economic development for business ventures throughout all of Canada. A unique concept that contnually grows. One of the greatest achievements is seeing that now companies are coming to us to want to come aboard this website.

One of the greatest detriments holding back a greater expansion of more First Natons developing small business ventures, is the lack of knowledge of the building blocks to create a business. Aboriginal Ec-dev allows by the simple click of a mouse or touch pad a way for them to read about what may be needed to help build their company that will eventually be??er their socio-economic and cultural well being. By showing other aboriginal business ventures throughout Canada with banners , they in-turn have a role-model business to achieve for themselves to one day own, operating with in their traditonal territories.

One of the things I learned years ago was there’s always a consultant out there willing to assist you in a plethora of ways to create ones business venture. I have often found that consultng as a whole is an industry within an industry. The standard way for business development for aboriginals, has usually been a consultant assistng with creatng a business venture. Once the business plan is completed the consultant is paid and it’s perceived that the aboriginal will go forth and prosper?

In most cases this does not happen, for the aboriginal has no basic knowledge of the fundamentals of opera tng a business. That is why as a consultant for business development, I listen to the objectve of my aboriginal client, then I create a template for them to follow. In the past I would have to list or tell them what companies they need to research in order to find out pricing for what’s needed for their venture. If they were accessing capital via a funding insttuton, then they would have to get at least three proposals for any product, service or support. Now all I have to do is ensure that they know that www.aboriginalec-devcanada.com has most, if not all companies they may need to work with. This is why I coined the name, the aboriginal tool box for business development.

Yes, it’s mainly Vancouver Island focused at the moment, but a day will come that sea to sea to sea and even into the southern country we have as neighbors, companies eager to work with all aboriginals wantng to start a business venture or supply an existng one, shall see hyper links to thousands of companies. By communica tng with the suppliers, they in-turn gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of business creaton.

By doing this they shall find that it’s not just the aspect of operatng a business, the creaton in itself is a very educatonal venture that gathering informatve data must be executed. Factoring in insurance, marketng, website creaton, signage, equipment, print advertsing, training, certficaton, etc., the individual or First Na- ton can then make a well informed decision whether or not the business is viable. If they should so decide to peruse their endeavor, they shall realize that now the business is well worth investng in.

Unfortunately, many aboriginals jump into a business venture with great ambiton and enthusiasm, but due to not executng the business development in way of a well constructed business plan, they often fail. This usually means that the failure of the venture often places a great financial burden on the individual, Band, or economic development corporaton. Not only do they lose faith in entrepreneurialism , but the financial burden left over often impedes their ability to access capital to pursue other business interests.

By keeping www.aboriginalec-devcanada.com easy to navigate through, diverse and more personal than most websites out there assistng with First Natons business development, it’s my goal to see my fellow aboriginals use it more to assist with business start up. Using this website gains access to companies working with or supportve of our socio-economic prosperity and it shall only strengthen our entrepreneurial pursuits.

“Our old ways of teaching, shows us that the handing of knowledge gained in ones life must be passed on so that others will hopefully not make the mistakes we have. We are supposed to teach them the best ways to prosper - in what is referred to as Uncling. Why is it we often look to business development as a venture we First Natons often pursue alone or by assistance of a non-aboriginal, to supposedly teach us how??

Now that many First Natons have and are prospering in business development, we should look to these individuals first to help one start up their business venture. In essence we are taking an age old principal to prosper and incorporatng in to business development in this age.”

No matter if you are of aboriginal ancestry or not, this website is designed to assist you with seeing who is out there to assist you with your business development or supply a service. By a simple click one will be able communicate with a company or organizaton that will enable you to start or expand your business. If you should have any ideas or business’s you would like to see on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact Aboriginal Ec-Dev Canada.